Why do Athletes consume drugs ?


Why do Athletes consume drugs ?

An Athlete is a person who competes in one or more sports that involve physical strength, speed and/or endurance that represents his or her country. There is so much of responsibility on the shoulders of an athlete. They need to give their 100% every time they go onto the field. Thus, the level of pressure and competition is very high.

A drug is any substance other than food, that when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin or dissolved under the tongue causes a physiological change in the body. It helps to enhance the physical capabilities of a person. Hence, there are so many reasons for athletes to consume drugs.

Enhances The Performance




First of all, the use of Drugs is very common among sports individuals. Everyone wants to perform for his or her country. Each one of us needs to earn Fame. Drugs help in enhancing the overall performance of the person. Thus, in the year 2012 London Olympics, 21 athletes had been suspended due to the consumption of drugs.

Therapeutic Benefits 

There are therapeutic benefits of taking drugs. Some athletes take drugs due to asthma, long-term conditions that require medical help. And hence, the intake of drugs should be done in the vigilance of relation.

Enhances Strength and Mass

Strength and Mass

Many athletes take mass and strength enhancing drugs that include insulin, insulin-like growth factor, anabolic steroids etc. Likewise, such drugs might help to increase strength however, they aren’t good for long-term health.

Athletes also consume drugs as they understand that their counterparts are also having them. They have a misconception that these are taken by their competitors to show better in the field. Therefore, some have a pressure from their peers, government officials, coaches or families.



Athletes also take stimulants which make their heart beat faster, brain work faster. It also reduces fatigue, makes an athlete stay alert, maintains his aggressiveness. However, it has side effects also, like nervousness, shaking, high blood pressure, irregular heart beats and even sudden death.

One must stay away from the use of drugs. Otherwise, it’s a straightaway invitation to a person’s loss in terms of failure to be famous, zero money, and a total inglorious situation to be lived in. Therefore, my message to youth is clear and crisp not to take drugs as it does no good for your future. It only ruins a person’s life. Furthermore, it destroys one’s youth. So, make a rule in a life to do good deeds only. Hence, if you really want to succeed, work hard and the world has to pay for it.

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