Swimming tricks a swimmer should know


Swimming tricks a swimmer should know

There are certain tricks in every sport that you have to learn by participating. For instance, every good player knows how to perform better than others. Swimmers are no different. These are some tricks every swimmer should know however you’ll have to learn on your own. If you don’t have knowledge of these tricks by now, you should make it your goal to learn them.

Carpe that diem

You have goals. Big, greasy goals. Don’t wait to work on your goals, just make it today. You are going to be the swimmer that you have always dreamed you could be. How many times have you delayed committing yourself to your goals because the time wasn’t right? Or maybe because the conditions weren’t perfect. Now let’s take a step forward towards our own health.

Feed those muscles

Get the habit of bringing some snacks and a post-workout shake with you for the workout. You can start the process of recovery moments after you get out of the water. Aim to intake some protein and carbs within 30 minutes of getting out of the water.

Go Injury-free

Whenever we start, we should be careful. Practice but goes injury-free, you know the effect of injury you may have to go for rest, which will affect your performance. Take precautions so that you can minimise those predictable injuries which will lead to missing your training and practice.



Take time to Improve flexibility

Hit your pecs, shoulders, hamstrings, lats, ankles and hips. 5 minutes of flexibility workout for a couple of times every day will yield far better results than doing a stretching once or twice a week. Make flexibility and mobility a keystone component of your swimming.

Improve flexibility

Get one extra hour sleep

There is no doubt that rest is tied with the performance in the pool. After practising for long hours your stamina tends to decrease, your body needs rest so it can regain energy for further work. When we sleep, our body is hurrying to repair itself. Set your sleeping schedules to be aggressive to manage your time.

Extra Sleep

Plan your meals

Wanting of every last minute of sleep possible you would  more than often leave the house without meals for the rest of the day, meaning that you had to rely on the cafeteria chips, chocolate bars and muffins to get some form of nutrition over the day. Plan you’re a bundle of healthy food to smash after morning workout.

Meal Plan

Just try to attack your weaknesses until they grow into your strength

You will see improvement in yourself. Because they have been ignored for so long. Those weaknesses will absolutely ripe for big jumps. And then is the resulting confidence that comes from seeing these leaps and bounds and mastering something you avoided for so long.


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