Classic Pilates Moves

Classic Pilates Moves

Pilates is a physical fitness system which was developed by Joseph Pilates. These help in improving strength, reducing lower back pain and preventing elderly people from falling.

List of Pilates Exercises in Classical Order


One Leg Stretch

Double Leg Stretch

Spine Stretch


Roll Over

Roll Up

Side Bend

One Leg Kick

Double Leg

Neck Pull


Shoulder Bridge

Side Kick



Leg Pull- Front

Leg Pull

Control Balance

Push Up

One Leg Circle


Roll Over

Roll Over exercise is about control. This exercise gives a good stretch to our hamstrings and back. It helps to make our abdominal muscles work hard as well. Warm up firstly before you do this exercise. If you have any neck or back issues then be careful – it might not be right for you.

Requirements for Roll Over

Roll Over is a mat exercise, we only need an exercise mat and space to do it in.

Firstly, lie on your back with your legs together.

Our neck is long with lots of space between our shoulders and ears, and the chest is open.

With our legs together, extend them straight up towards the ceiling at a 90- degree angle.

Moreover, later exhale: Lower our legs slightly.


Roll Over


Single Leg kick

First of all, this exercise focuses on the muscles at the back of our thighs as well as for hamstrings.

This exercise works like a powerhouse.

The hamstrings help to extend the hip and flex the knee in various activities like running and walking in daily life.

Therefore, this exercise is suitable and valuable for beginners as well as for advanced exercises.


To Perform the Single Leg Kick Pilates Exercise

Firstly, lie on your stomach with both legs together.

Then, we need to open our hamstrings and inner thighs to keep our legs from splaying out.

Afterwards, lift your upper body so that we can support on our forearms.


Single Leg Kick


Here above you have studied about different pilates exercises. You must have learnt how clearly and easily these exercises can be performed. Moreover, these exercises help in gaining the overall physical health. So, keep going and exercising. And hence, stay healthy!