10 Eminent Tips And Tricks For Running

.10 Eminent Tips And Tricks For Running

10 Eminent Tips And Tricks For Running

Running is a new thing. People who Never Imagined that they could be a runner are beating thousand of people. People start learning by practice, it is the only way to overcome. Here are a few tips that could help you in becoming a great runner. 10 Eminent Tips and tricks for running  are :


Tip 1: Safety First

First of all, your safety while running is necessary than anything. Make sure to check with your doctor if you have any medical issue that  prevents you from running then you should be careful.

Tip 2 : Running Shoes

Nothing can be worse than shin splints. This tend to happen when you do not have proper running shoes. Nobody would like to add insult to injury by placing up with the wrong footwear. A good pair of shoes should last you 400 to 500 miles and it is one of the most critical purchases you will make.

Tip 3 : Start Slow

There is no need to run 10 miles on your first run. Try the five on, five off method. Run for five minutes and then walk for five minutes, repeat this for a total of 30 minutes. After a couple of weeks, you can slowly increase the running time and decrease the walking time. In starting you will start with less running time but after practicing your running stamina will tend to increase

Tip 4 : Participate in Racing

There is nothing more motivating than Racing. When you know that you have spent the money and will able to physically run a number of miles on that day, it becomes easier to get out the door and complete your training. Running in the race will motivate you more than anything, Hence we can say racing boost your running skill.

Tip 5 : Strenght Training and Cross Training

If you perform only one exercise over and over, the supporting muscles which you are not using will become weak. The weakened muscles that are needed to support these main running muscles can leave you wide open for injury. Get strength-training sessions twice a week. Also, do some cross-training such as stairs, elliptical training or biking, once or twice a week to prevent injury.

Tip 6 : Training Plan

Whenever We do anything if we do according a plan, then the chances of success get increased. If you are about to face a race, you will need a proper plan. You have to strength-train, run, cross-train and rest days each week, it is best to come up with a way to accomplish all of this.

Tip 7 :Figure Out Proper Fueling

Everybody Structure is different. Some Runners can not eat certain foods right before running, While the others have iron stomachs that never get sick. A basic rule is to eat food full of carbohydrates an hour before running. Eat more carbohydrates and take protein to replenish the energy lost while running 30 minutes or more. If you are running for over an hour, you should consider taking similar to replenish the sodium and potassium lost through sweat. When you run for over 90 minutes, it’s time to consider refueling with a mixture of sodium, carbohydrates and potassium.

Tip 8 : Hydrate Properly

This is another point where it depends upon your body. Most bodies require hydration after every 30 minutes of exercise. Hydration while running also depends on the weather. Weather Is it dry? Or, Is it humid? Are you sweating like a maniac when you walk out of the door? Carry a water bottle whenever you go outside and take small sips when you feel thirsty to ensure you do not get dehydrated.

Tip 9 : Care For Your Body

If you are so sore that you can hardly walk even for 10 minutes, then take a rest for one or two days. When you feel that you are relaxed and can run a little, then try and test yourself.

Tip 10 : Have Fun, At Last

When you do not enjoy your exercise then it’s hard to motivate yourself. Try to run in different way start enjoying. Start running with your friend alternating between treadmills and outdoors. You should exercise the way you like and which is safe for you.

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