Injuries by using Computer

Computer Related Injuries

Injuries by using Computer

The computer is a most important tool in many different jobs and activities, for children and adults. But using a computer for long periods can increase our chance of developing an injury. Improper use of computers can cause joint and muscle pain, overuse injuries of the arm, shoulder, hand or wrist and eye strain.

Most of the children can experience particular and psychological problems if they used to play computer games too much. We can reduce or avoids these risks with the correct goods / furniture, better posture and good habits. Such as taking rest breaks and reducing time spent playing computer games .

Posture-related injuries from computer use

Neck and back pain, headaches, arm and shoulder are very common computer related injuries. Such kind of joint and muscle problems can be caused by poor workstation or desk design, bad posture and sitting for long periods of time.

Muscle Problem

Preventing computer related joint and muscle injuries

We need to sit at an adjustable desk specially designed for use with computers. Using a computer monitor (screen) either at eye level or slightly lower is good for eyes. Using an adjustable chair so that our feet feel rest flat on the floor also prevent from computer related injuries. We can take frequent short breaks and also go for a walk. We can do stretching at our desk or stand often.

Stretching in front of Laptop

Computer related overreach injuries of the hand or arm

Muscles can become more painful with repetitive movements and awkward postures. This is also known as overuse injuries. These injuries basically occur in the elbow, wrist or hand of computer users.

Wrist Pain

Preventing computer related overuse injuries

We need to type lightly and gently with our mouse and keyboard. Using a whole arm rather than just wrist makes our hand more working reliably. The height of positions keyboard and mouse should be same. Also, keeping the position of the mouse as close as possible to the side of the keyboard prevents our arm more reliable.

Position of Mouse and a Keyboard

Eye strain from computer use

When we focus our eyes at the same distance for long duration of time causes fatigue. The illuminated computer screen also causes eye fatigue. Thus, some of computer users may get symptoms like blurred vision, temporary inability to focus on distant objects and headaches.

Eye Strain

Preventing eyestrain from computer use

We need to make sure that our main source of light (such as a window) is not shining into our face directly. The screen of the monitor shouldn’t be too close to our face. We can also put the screen either at eye level or slightly lower. Also reducing the contrast and brightness of our screen can provide safety to our eyes.

Keep some distance of eyes from Laptop

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