When Your Baby Has a Cold


When Your Baby Has a Cold

Little nose gets a lot of cold. Babies can catch an average of eight or more during their first year itself. Though they are rarely serious, they are tough on parents, too — and one of the biggest reasons for paediatrician visits. You must know how to help your child feel better and when to call the doctor. This will make you feel more confident until the cold is over.


Baby gets cold because their immune system isn’t yet 100% ready to fight off the 100 or more viruses that cause these infections. The cold virus spreads in the air when someone who is sick coughs or sneezes. It also lands on surfaces such as toys and tables. When baby touches these surfaces and puts their hands in their mouths – which is a habit — they give the cold virus a route inside the body. Babies often pick up cold at daycare. Or they can catch it from brothers and sisters who bring the virus to home from school or from adults who shook hands with someone.


Stuffy nose, Running nose, Fatigue, Reduced appetite, Trouble sleeping, Sneezing, Fussiness, Cough and Fever.

Symptoms of cold


Colds do not need to be treated. They generally go away on their own within a few days. Antibiotics would not work because they kill bacteria, and cold is due to viruses. Counter cold medicine do not work for 6 years, and they can cause dangerous side effects in young children. The FDA advises against using such medicines in children younger than 4. However, the medicine of fever can be used.

Try giving more fluids to children above 6 months like water, fruit juices etc.

Spray saline into your child’s nostril.

Turn on a humidifier to moist the air.


You cannot prevent every cold, but reduce risk by these steps:

Keep sick person away from home.
Stay out of crowded places.
Wash your hands multiple times during the day.
Clean your baby toys often with soap and water.
Don’t touch or use baby toys and towels
Avoid smoking near the baby.

Prevention from Cold

When to Call the Doctor

If the baby is below 3 months on should visit the doctor. Also, check for these symptoms:
Fever of 102 F or higher
Having trouble breathing
Not eating or drinking
Dehydration, such as no tears or urine passing
Abnormal sleepiness
It doesn’t heal in 7 days

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