What Do Your Eyes Say About Yourself

Eye Health

What Do Your Eyes Say About Yourself

First of all, I must say, “The eye is a unique window into health” as said by William Shakespeare, a famous writer. Your eyes can’t tell you if you are honest, but it can tell you about your cholesterol, liver disease or diabetes. Therefore, let us read about what do your eyes say about yourself and know about your eyes health.

Watering Eyes

Watery Eyes

As you know, tears serve many roles in your body. They keep your eyes lubricated and help to wash away dust particles. Tears protect you from infection as they are a component of  your immune system. Tears are produced by the glands in your upper eyelids which contain water and salt. They discharge through your tear ducts and evaporate afterwards.

Blocked tear ducts, the wind, allergies, dust, injury and infection are the causes of watering eyes. There are many causes of watery eyes like weather conditions such as the wind, cold, and sunshine, blocked tear ducts, common cold, sinus problems, and allergies. Although watery eyes are temporary and resolve on their own. However, in some cases, the condition may persist.

Bump on the inner or outer eyelid

Bump on the eyelid


Also known as Chalazion you can see a red bump appearing in the inner or the outer eyelids. Generally, it gets cured by itself within a week’s time. However, if it still persists then you need to visit the doctor.

These styes are plugged up oil glands. They can be cured within a month. But if it is taking as long as three months, you should go and see the doctor as it could be serious like cancer. Another sign of eyelid cancer is Loss of some of the eyelashes around such stye. Thus, it can be removed surgically.

Red and itchy eyes

Red Itchy Eyes

You can develop red and itchy eyes if you catch a cold accompanied by sneezing, coughing, a runny nose etc. To cure this problem you can visit the doctor. If it is an allergy  you can use eye drops as prescribed by the doctor.

So, you must take care of your eyes. Be it any season, any age, you need to take prevention before you cure serious illness related to eyes. As said earlier, your eyes say much about yourself. And Hence, you should ensure proper care of your eyes.


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