What are the Symptoms of Depression?


What are the Symptoms of Depression


Life is just like the waves of water, sometimes there are higher tides and sometimes lower ones . Depression is a kind of state where a person loses interest in any pleasurable activity. Thus, people don’t love to do the things they perform in their daily routine. The symptoms of depression can be life threatening and are regardless of any gender.



Sadness is a very negative emotion which I personally think no one should experience in his/her lifetime. In addition, you start feeling hopeless and empty from inside. It seems as if no one is your friend and you lose interest in everyone around you. Negative thoughts cannot be controlled as they keep on striking your mind.



People who are having a severe depression problem, feel like worthless and helpless. Furthermore, they keep on blaming themselves for the conditions, that are present at the moment and which are not in their hands. Thus, there comes the thought in the mind to harm oneself.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping Problem

You will not be able to complete the right amount of sleep. Other than this, there would be concentration problem in your work. It is possible that you may be suffering from Insomnia. Sometimes you sleep a lot and sometimes you wake up early.

Loss of Energy

Loss of energy

Tiredness will be around you all the time. You feel as if there is no enjoyment in your life and you start isolating from people. Therefore, at any point of time, you leave out all options and there will be a loss of libido in your life.

Suicidal Thoughts

suicidal thought

To harm oneself is a very harsh decision one can take on oneself. You start using drugs, tobacco and other harmful things that finally makes you reach death. You try a frequent attempts to commit suicide and risk your life.


Depression is not a sign of weakness but it is a sign of illness.There are many therapies and treatments available in the market to cop up with it. Therefore, one must try to be happy and lead a normal life.

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