How to Prevent Arthritis


How to Prevent Arthritis

Arthritis is a concept which is not very well understood among others. It can be referred to as a ‘joint pain or joint disease’. There are around 100 types of arthritis and conditions related to it. Hence, people of any age can have arthritis or cannot and more than 50 million persons have this problem. This disease is common among women and people of older age. There are many different ways to prevent Arthritis.


Protect Your Joints                  

The first and foremost thing is to protect the joints. Do a lot of exercises and eat healthy foods e.g. Salmon Fish as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help in reducing the inflammation in the body. Therefore, instead of lifting a pot or opening a door don’t use your fingers just start using the palm.

Protect joints

Do Some Exercise

Start doing regular exercises and don’t force your knees to bend. As you feel refresh, your mood will be good and the people around you get attracted towards yourself . Hence, do some light exercises like swimming, dancing, jogging and some activities like gardening if you are a nature lover.


Control your weight

The joints should be properly working, so for that, you just need to control your weight. Carrying extra weight will put more stress on bones and joints. Overweight women are likely to get a knee osteoarthritis.


Avoid Injury

Injuries are part of human lives, but in this case, you should always be aware of this. In addition, injuries can cause damage to the cartilage near the joints so try to use proper safety equipment and use the right exercises.

avoid injury

Consume Fish

To improve the condition of our joints, we need to intake a healthy diet. Especially, fish is one of the vital foods as it contains omega 3-fatty acids which are healthy polyunsaturated fat. Hence, it can reduce the inflammation in the body.


Check The Intake of Vitamin D

Vitamins are necessary for the stabilization of the body, so it should be consumed properly. According to Survey conducted in the USA, there are around 70% people who are deficient in it and this can cause osteoarthritis which is one of the types of Arthritis.


Hence, we have come to know about the different ways to prevent from Arthritis and we can tell others about this prevention. Lots of lives can be benefited from this knowledge. Let’s lead happier and healthier lives!

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