How stress affects your brain

How stress affects your brain

 How stress affects your brain

Do you think stress is always bad? No, Stress can be good thing; it leads to extra energy and focus, which is most required when you’re playing a competitive sport or you have to speak in public. But continuous stress, it actually begins to effect your brain.

How stress affects your brainSymptoms to show when you are Stressed out:-

  1.  You Feel isolated.
  2. You tend to Forget small things.
  3.  Restless Sleep.
  4.  Feeling angry or displeased.

Kinds of stress and how stress affects your brain

Acute stress :

It is the reaction to a stress which arises suddenly  known as “Flight Response and settles as soon as danger passes.

Chronic stress:

It is continuous  and keep on elevate in day to day routine, it is the kind which most of the people are facing. This is very dangerous. The continuous elevation of stress hormones makes your body sick, effects your brain as well.

How stress affects your brain
How stress affects your brain and body?

Stress stops all non-important functions of the body like digestion, restoring immunity etc and all energy is used on your muscles and brain.

Your body sugar level increases as liver realses more sugar into the body, your heart beat increases, your Blood pressure rises and all oxygen rich blood is circulated to muscles

Chronic Stress Changes Neural Networks

Brain has two parts: The Gray Matter and The White matter

The Gray matter is group of nerves doing the thinking job like computing and decision making  other half is called the White matter.

Scientists have found that chronic stress initiate permanent changes in brain structure hence effecting functioning of the brain.

Stress Shrinks Your Brain :

Stress can actually reduce brain nerves hence permanently reducing your brain size.

How stress affects your brain

Stress Kills Brain Cells:

It mostly effect the areas associated with memory and learning.

Stress Shuts Down Functions and Sharpens Others:

It start running your brain with limited functions dealing just with threat that arise due to stress , It may lead to sudden start and stop of brain functions caused by adrenaline.

Stress Surpasses Logical Thinking:

Since your most of the functions of the brain stops, especially thinking and decision making, you are not able to think logically.

How stress affects your brain

Who fell victim to Chronic Stress?

Mostly young people fall victim of this due to work and family related stress and define their behaviour in old age.

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