Disadvantages of Drinking Less Water


Disadvantages of Drinking Less Water

Water plays a vital role in everyday life. An average human body comprises of 75% of water and so, it can be seen that how important it is for us. Thus, when we are at our workplace we either forget to drink water or drink less of it. Therefore, there are many disadvantages of drinking less water which can be read as follows.

drinking water



It is a consequence that an individual face due to the deficit of water. If a person is not drinking enough water then he/she will be feeling weakness and dizziness. Lips and mouth dry out as if they are asking for something. A person feels very tired due to which he will be unable to do urinate or even produce a dark colored urine.

Constipation and Other Digestive Problems


When we don’t drink enough water then, it becomes difficult to eliminate the undigested food from the body. This may result in the accumulation of the toxins. You feel like there is a wind trapped out inside, but not getting out. Thus, it may lead to digestive problems including nausea, abdominal pain, ulcers and reduce appetite.

Gaining Weight

Gaining weight

Sometimes you must have noticed that you are unnecessarily gaining weight. This may be due to the reason of less water intake. Thus, some toxins get settled inside your body making you look fat. Hence, a proper amount of water should be drunk so that all the toxins get out of the body automatically.

Premature Aging

Premature aging

Drinking less water will affect the inner cells of your body and because of which the body start getting loose i.e.wrinkles and wither prematurely. However, drinking water may fill the fine lines on the face and also help to look younger.

Muscles Cramp and Joint Pain

muscle cramp

The mass of the muscles reduces and you will get more prone to the cramps. Our bones comprise of 80% water and when the body is dehydrated then cartilage weakens, due to which repairing the process of the joints slows down.

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