Health Benefits of Papaya

Healthy Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya. Papaya is a yellow colorful fruit which is full of vitamins A and B. This healthy fruit is can be used for the skincare too. This healthy fruit is used to make Papaya Juice, Jam and Jelly. Some people use papaya as a face-pack on their face.

Health Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is a very good fruit for health. A 100gm papaya contains 1-2gram proteins, 98 calories, 70 milligrams iron. Papaya is very useful for stomach because it helps in digestion. If an uncooked papaya is mixed with non-veg food, it helps to cook it faster.

Papaya Benefits

Papaya benefits


Various health benefits of Papaya:

  • Papaya protects stomach problem like Constipation.
  • It helps in the treatment of Jaundice.
  • Papaya contains a substance known as Papain, which helps in digestion of food.
  • It also helps in protecting the body from heart diseases.

Papaya benefits 2

  • Papaya can be used as a face pack on the face which helps in increasing the glow of the face and reduces wrinkles.
  • It is also useful for the eyes as it contains Vitamin A in galore that reduces the Night Blindness and improves the eyesight.
  • Papaya is helpful in bleeding gums.

Health benefits of papaya seeds

  • Papaya helps to boost your Immune system.
  • It has low-sugar content that provides relief in diabetes.
  • Papaya helps in maintaining healthy hair.
  • It can be used as a salad before/while having meals.

Papaya benefits 5

  • Papaya is rich in Calcium that helps in making bones stronger.
  • It has Vitamin B that helps in strengthening our metabolism.
  • Papaya helps in proper functioning of the liver.
  • It provides an aid in curing dengue.

Papaya benefits 6

  • Papaya helps in reducing Cholesterol.
  • It helps in preventing Constipation and Piles.
  • It is used as a Jam, Jelly and Juice.
  • Papaya is used in weight loss.
  • It helps to reduce stress.

Health benefits of Papaya

In a nutshell, Papaya is a very beneficial fruit when taken raw, boiled or cooked. It has proven to be a healthy fruit as it aids in the prevention of many diseases that start from the stomach. It has vitamin A, B9, C and E and it is useful in the prevention of diseases like digestion, cancer, premature ageing.

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