Health Benefits of Orange

Health benefits of Orange

Health Benefits of Orange

A delicious and juicy orange fruit contains an exciting list of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients for normal growth and development of overall well-being. The scientific name of Orange is Citrus Sinensis. Oranges are highly beneficial for our body. A medium size like 2 1/2-inch of an orange offers lots of fiber and vitamins, all for 60 calories. They make a healthy and delicious snack or addition to a meal.

An orange contains about 85 Calories and has no sodium, fat or cholesterol. They are well known for vitamin C. It boosts our immune system and improves our skin. There are various benefits of an orange that helps for our health. Various health benefits of an orange are as follows:-

Protects the Eyes

An orange contains Vitamin A that keeps mucous membranes in the eyes healthy. It plays an important role in allowing our eyes to absorb the light.

Orange protects the Eyes

Help prevent aging of Skin

Oranges are popularly used in the beauty industry. There are several beauty products including masks, face packs and creams that contain orange extract as a key ingredient. Thus, Vitamin C present in oranges helps to prevent skin damage. Along with Vitamin C, oranges are packed with vitamin A that helps to keep the skin membrane healthy.

Orange prevent ageing of Skin

Helps Brain Development

Vitamin B9 or folic acid present in oranges helps in brain development and keeps the vital organ in mint condition. In fact, the nutrients present in orange makes it a healthy fruit for pregnant woman as it prevents the baby from having neurological disorder later.

Oranges also contain polyphenols that play an important role in the development of memory functions and  learning of the brain.

Orange helps in Brain Development

Help prevent Cancer

An orange contains a compound called D – limonene that plays a significant role in preventing a variety of cancers like skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, etc. Also, Vitamin C and antioxidants help promote the body’s immune which helps in fighting cancer cells. Furthermore, an orange is a highly fibrous fruit, which add to its cancer- protecting effect.

Orange helps in prevent Cancer

Prevents Hair Loss

Oranges have a high Vitamin C which is responsible for keeping the tissues in our hair together. Eating oranges can ensure that we don’t have to worry as we grow older. Therefore, we can say that oranges help us in maintaining our overall  health.

Orange prevents in Hair Loss

Fruits are anyway a great source of energy. When we eat fruits like oranges we receive fiber that is mandatory for growing kids as well as young and old people. As we have seen oranges aid in glowing skin, fighting cancer, protecting hair and eyes, thus, one must add it in one’es diet plan.

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