The Ultimate Upper-Body Workout

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The Ultimate Upper-Body Workout

Following are Few exercises for upper -Body Development:


Bench Press

Quick Tip:It gives maximum incentive of the chest. In this you must position your torso on the bench with a slight arch in the lower back; the rib cage  is held high; and the shoulders dig back and downward.

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Incline DB Press

Quick Tip: in this one must vary the slope of the bench workout-to-work out or set-to-set from 30 to 45 to 60 degrees to target different motor unit pools.


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Wide-Grip Pull up

Quick Tip: One should vary grip widths and the angle of the torso when pulling. It effectively stimulate all areas of the back musculature.

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Underhand Grip BB Bent Row

Quick Tip: Keep the upper body must be bent at an angle of about 75 degrees and pull the bar into the lower abdomen to best stimulate the belly of the lats.

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Seated BB Military Press

Quick Tip: It uses a bench with the back support . You have to keep your torso upright throughout the set (leaning back engages too much upper pecs). Bring the bar just below chin before driving it back to the top.

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Shoulder-Width Grip BB Upright Row

Quick Tip: In this exercise, one should to raise the bar. The bar should be raised up to level where the upper arms are parallel to the floor. At the top the hands should be lower than the elbows to best stimulate the shoulders.

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Triceps Dip

Quick Tip: In order to keep chest activation least and target more triceps activation, one should make sure your torso remain upright throughout the set. One should lower your position to the point where your upper arms are parallel with the floor.

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Partial Rack Dead lift

Quick Tip:It develops complete back muscles development.One should vary the range of motion from just above knee height to as low as the mid-shins. It is best to stay with one range of motion per workout. This reduces chances of muscle soreness.

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