Surfer’s Workout

Surfing on Shark

Surfer’s Workout

To feel the waves of the water is everyone’s dream. Especially, Just go to the beach with your babe and enjoy the waves. Thus, Surfing is a kind of technique which everyone doesn’t know. A proper training is needed for it. It is a fun way of doing exercising . Therefore, there is Surfer’s Workout which is explained.


Single Leg Upper Body Rotation

ingle leg with upper body rotation

Just begin with Straight back Posture and then lift one leg upwards with the knee at the right angle and upper leg parallel to the floor. After that, Hand should be on the same side of the leg lifted and it should be perpendicular to the floor. The leg should come downwards and behind as you place the hand on the opposite leg which is not lifted.

Warrior Lunge


To start with, Put your with both feets together and then step forward into a front lunge by lifting the both hands overhead.Keep the head and chest together and move the hips forward as the stretch is increased . Hold onto this position and the return back to the original position i.e. to the start.

Single Leg Dead Lift

single leg dead lift

To start with, root your foot be gently tapping it on the floor. Then, slowly hinges your hips back and move the legs straight behind without minimal bend. As we hinge back and sit deep into the single deadlift position. Then, firmly grip the handle of the ball make sure the shoulder is pulled back.

Bulgarian Split Squats

bulgarian split squat

Hold the dumbbell in each hand with arms fully extended at sides with facing each other. After that, there should be a proper distance of the feet with the hip and then place the rear foot on a bench . There should be at least 3 inches separation in your feet. Lowers the hips towards the floor with a rear knee to the near of the floor and pause it then return back to the starting position.


These are the workouts which every Surfer do because a muscle training is needed just to make yourself strong enough. To Sail into the sides is a very good adventure which everyone should experience in a lifetime.

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